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Anansi: That Tricky Spider (Volume 1)

Anthony Dillett. Anansi: That Tricky Spider (Volume 1) Authors:Anthony Dillett.
Price:1218 rub.

Book Summary:
Anansi the Spiderman or rather spider and man originated with the Ashanti people of present day Ghana. Anansia??s father, the Sky God Nyame, got so tired of his sona??s pranks that he turned him into a spider. The stories of Anansi were brought to the Caribbean by slaves, some of whom kept up the oral tradition of their people by recounting some event in the life of their village. The stories also included some folklore such as the life and times of Anansi, the trickster. Accordingly Anansi is described as a creature who was always trying to best anyone with whom he came in contact. The general idea for him was that although small he could outsmart creatures much bigger than himself. This is actually a lesson for us that we should depend on brain power rather than the physical. Anansi took pride in this and sometimes came out on top but sometime things went badly for him. When he was victorious he was a??The Mana?? but during the bad times he became the spider and retreated to his...

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